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50 Acts of Giving Back

50 Acts of Giving Back is a national initiative demonstrating the power of the social media in transforming the way social good can be performed in today’s world. This initiative is funded entirely by Mark & Ismini Svensson, who, under the banner ‘50 Acts of Giving Back,’ are traveling to all 50 states in the U.S performing 50 acts of kindness supporting among others: disabled young athletes, children suffering from cancer, homeless veterans, and hard working single mothers. Every act of kindness is the result of an online discussion with citizens through StayUNITED's Facebook and Twitter pages. The goal of this initiative is to promote volunteerism and show how technology and the use of the social platforms can transform the way citizens across the globe can become active in their communities and perform social good. 








Take Action


Perform your act of kindness and share it with StayUNITED. By devoting just a few minutes of your time, you can really make a difference. You can prepare meals for the homeless, visit the elderly, help out in an orphanage, or donate your 'old' clothes to someone in need. Any act of kindness, no matter how seemingly insignificant, influences the progress of our world. Inspire even more people to do the same, motivate others to become active global citizens, and help start a chain reaction of kindness! You can email us your pictures and videos to and we will share your acts of kindness on our social media pages. You can also tweet us at StayUNITEDTweet using hashtag #50Acts about issues of your concern and help shape future StayUNITED projects. So take action, join the conversation online, motivate others, and help change the world. 


StayUNITED 4 Kids


StayUNITED 4 Kids is a New York based initiative with a goal to provide financial and emotional support to seriously ill children and their families. Young patients and their families are quickly put into an unfamiliar & often frightening world of medical decisions and hospital protocols. At the same time, they are coping with emotional upheaval and financial anxiety. Every year, families are forced into bankruptcy because of the medical expenses incurred due to the serious illness of a child. StayUNITED wants to help alleviate the pain and challenges low-income families face in this period of difficulty by providing support. StayUNITED also provides support to children's playrooms at local hospitals. If you or someone you know is in need of financial support and meets the requirements above, please complete our Application for Assistance and email to

Our Support

 Based on the individual needs of every family, we provide:

  • Assistance for medical expenses

  • Assistance for other life expenses (i.e utility bills, rent)

  • Assistance for child’s educational expenses

  • Toys and get well packages for children

To be eligible for assistance: 

Recipient must be a legal resident of the United States

Recipient must demonstrate a need for financial assistance


Service Scholarship Program

StayUNITED's Service Scholarship program provides scholarships to young men and women of exceptional promise. The program seeks to encourage and reward well-rounded, bright students who excel academically and are dedicated to serving their communities. All applicants must be residents of New York State and either graduating high school seniors or full-time undergraduate students attending a fully-accredited college or university. Scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of academic achievement and humanitarian qualities, without regard to financial need, ethnicity, creed or religion.


Students attending following institutions are eligible for scholarship consideration. If you have any questions, please email us at



Find Your School


1. Rockland Community College

2. Clarkstown North Senior High School

3. Clarkstown South Senior High School

4. Nanuet Senior High School

5. North Rockland High School

6. Nyack Senior High School

7. Pearl River High School

8. Ramapo High School

9. Spring Valley High School

10. Suffern Senior High School

11. Tappan Zee High School


Campus Roundtable Initiative

Let's Think Outside the Box:  StayUNITED’s Campus Roundtable Initiative is an international series of roundtable discussions that bring together students, public and private sector officials and citizens to discuss pressing global issues, and brainstorm viable ways for young people to help address these challenges. The global information age of the 21st century has collapsed barriers and distances, transforming the way people interact and participate. In 1993 there were about 50 websites in the world, by 2000 there were more than 2,000,000. A decade later, China alone had over 400,000,000 internet users and the social network Facebook has 1.1 billion users alone. This is a period of profound opportunity for young people to learn about the world, engage on topics of their interest and interact with one another. We encourage young leaders to follow issues that matter to them, seek out the views and perspectives of their peers, and bring their own ideas into the discussion about our common future.

Why: Young people are the most innovative members of society. They inherit incredible challenges and continually meet them with inspiring solutions. This generation continues to grow rapidly, and the challenges they face are ever more daunting.

How: Through our roundtable discussions, StayUNITED seeks to help address these challenges by building the confidence, knowledge, skills, and collective leadership of young people from all over the world. These discussions help connect the students with public and private sector officials, providing them guidance and insight to transform their ideas into viable solutions. 

Goal: Our goal is to help future leaders better understand world affairs in the 21st century and learn to work collectively to create long lasting solutions to the challenges facing our global community. Following each roundtable, student participants work together to develop and implement projects that reflect the outcome of the discussion. 

Themes of the StayUNITED Campus Roundtable Initiative are based on the collective interest of each group of participants. 

Issues can range from: Women Empowerment, Access to Education, Renewable Energy, and Poverty Reduction.

All contributions to StayUNITED are tax-deductible. StayUNITED is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with Federal Tax ID Number 46-1703447.