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Love Sculpture by Robert Indiana. Est. NYC 

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50 Acts of Giving Back

50 Acts of Giving Back is a national initiative demonstrating the power of the social media in transforming the way social good can be performed in today’s world. This initiative is funded entirely by Mark & Ismini Svensson, who, under the banner ‘50 Acts of Giving Back,’ are traveling to all 50 states in the U.S performing 50 acts of kindness supporting among others: disabled young athletes, children suffering from cancer, homeless veterans, and hard working single mothers. Every act of kindness is the result of an online discussion with citizens through StayUNITED's Facebook and Twitter pages. The goal of this initiative is to promote volunteerism and show how technology and the use of the social platforms can transform the way citizens across the globe can become active in their communities and perform social good. 








Take Action


Perform your act of kindness and share it with StayUNITED. By devoting just a few minutes of your time, you can really make a difference. You can prepare meals for the homeless, visit the elderly, help out in an orphanage, or donate your 'old' clothes to someone in need. Any act of kindness, no matter how seemingly insignificant, influences the progress of our world. Inspire even more people to do the same, motivate others to become active global citizens, and help start a chain reaction of kindness! You can email us your pictures and videos to and we will share your acts of kindness on our social media pages. You can also tweet us at StayUNITEDTweet using hashtag #50Acts about issues of your concern and help shape future StayUNITED projects. So take action, join the conversation online, motivate others, and help change the world. 

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Svensson Scholarship for Student Leaders

The Svensson Scholarship for Student Leaders provides scholarships to young men and women of exceptional promise. Inspired  by co-founder Mark Svensson's educational journey, this program seeks to encourage and reward well-rounded, bright students who excel academically and are dedicated to serving their communities. Mark's pathway to higher education was achieved in part through the benefit of scholarships. A native of Rockland County, NY and one of seven children, Mark began his post-secondary education as a student at Rockland Community College. Through academic success and community involvement, Mark became the first and only student in school history chosen from 1,500 nominees nationwide to the 20-member All-USA Community College Academic Team. As a result of his accomplishments at RCC, in 2010, Mark was selected as one of six students in the country to attend the 1st ever White House Summit on Community Colleges, where he spoke on the issue of college affordability and how rising tuition costs serve as a barrier to higher education for many. After RCC, Mark went on to receive his bachelor's degree with honors from Georgetown University and master's degree from The George Washington University, before earning his law degree from Seton Hall University School of Law on full scholarship. 

Mark Svensson graduation from Georgetown University
Mark Svensson graduation from Rockland Community College
Mark Svensson graduation from Seton Hall Law

It is no secret that we have a higher education affordability problem in the United States. The staggering costs can amount to $80,000 per year at private colleges and universities and $30,000 per year at public institutions. A college education has tremendous capacity to satisfy the fundamental American values of social mobility and economic opportunity. Those benefits cannot be realized if college is not affordable. With rising costs associated serving as a barrier to entry for many, our scholarship program seeks to make ​college more accessible and affordable, helping pave the way for student success. 


All contributions to StayUNITED are tax-deductible. StayUNITED is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with Federal Tax ID Number 46-1703447. 

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